Fast Food Chains

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Fast Food Chains: Friend or Foe?

The fast food chains are an industry that has led to an economic wonder. The leading fast food centers circle their marketing strategies on the convenient location, changing preferences, quality of food and pricing, potential customers, age of consumers, menu selection and diversification. The fulfillment of these pre-requisites ensures the success of the fast food chains.

The fast food chains include restaurants which are practically located everywhere. While traveling to different places one can get the same delicious food conveniently because of the easy accessibility of the various fast food centers. It is nearly impossible to avoid the advertisements which introduce the latest food trends. Slogans like “finger licking good” of KFC, fresh and healthy options with Subway’s common pitch “eat fresh” act as a catalyst to attract the potential customers.

Nowadays, people turn to the fast food chains to celebrate special occasions like a child’s birthday or for other social pleasures. For people living in a fast paced society, the fast food chains have become a necessity since it saves time and effort to cook. The fast food industry has come under criticism over concerns ranging from health issues, alleged animal cruelty, work exploitation and cultural degradation as people’s food habits have shifted from traditional foods.

The last half of the twentieth century witnessed the development of many fast food chains. A lot of money is made in the stock market investing in fast food. Investment in fast food is considered to b a stable investment. Mostly fast food is cost effective, easily available and time saving. Therefore it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a world without the fast food chains.
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