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Topics: Hamburger, Burger King, McDonald's Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: August 10, 2012
Fast Food Case Study

Burger King and McDonalds’ are two different fast food restaurants that both serve hamburger and fries, in a fast and friendly environment that is affordable. McDonalds, serves the notorious quarter pounder, while Burger Kings claim to fame is the charbroiled Whopper, both of which will be compared. The customer expectations, process of production, and the effectiveness are the factors in which separate these two, and recommendations after the case study will be prepared. The process in which the meals are produced between McDonalds and Burger King are relatively the same. Food arrives and is frozen until it is ready to hit the assembly line, then batches of food are made and stored in various ways until they are served. McDonalds mass produces their hamburger and then stores the boxed sandwich under a heat lamp until the order is placed. The standard quater pounder comes with ketchup, pickles, and onions. Since the sandwiches are premade my only assumption is that if someone places a specific order, the items are hand picked off. Burger King grills their hamburgers and keeps them warm until an order is placed. After the specific order is placed the burger is made with fresh ingredients, specific to each customer. Customer expectations of the service and product are relatively similar; to receive a quality meal at an affordable price, and quickly. McDonalds and the ‘gotta love it slogan’ strive for contentment with their service and food, a sense of pleasure. One person takes the customer’s order and then compiles the meal in front of the customer. The assembly line cooks prepare the sandwiches while the main greater ensures that everything is provided for the consumer. McDonalds makes use of a microwave to cook the hamburger patty, while Burger King uses the microwave when re-heating is necessary. Burger King is more tailored on the food specifics compared to one ‘waitress esque’ employee handling the details. The order is given and...
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