Fast Food and Obesity

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Is Fast Food Causing Obesity or Are We?

Obesity is a growing problem in America that has serious consequences for us and our children. Some would argue this growing predicament is due to the poor choices made by the fast food industries and the unhealthy foods they have available to the public. Others like the Center for Consumer Freedom, would argue that it is not only their choice to eat healthy or unhealthy but also every individuals right as Americans to make that choice without the interference of our government . Where exactly does that leave the children of America though? Children are taught to obey their parents and/or guardians and to do as they are told. If parents are feeding their children unhealthy food the children really don’t have a say in it because they only know what they are taught. It is our responsibility to make the right choices for our children and ourselves. Making healthy choices for ourselves set the right example and image we need for our children to follow in as well at a young age so that as they grow they will continue to make those choices for themselves.

Blame the fast food industry. David Zinczenko states that we are not at fault for the increase in obesity over the years, which in fact is growing much higher at a more rapid pace in the twenty-first century than in the past and is only expected to get worse. Fast food industries such as McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s are being blamed for the poor choices in foods they are serving the American public. These places are on every street corner and to easy to access for the busy American family on the run. Some argue that it is their fault for serving cheaply made processed foods at cheap prices. There have also been many complaints about the nutrition facts. They should give nutrition facts for each item being served in some opinions. In Los Angeles they went as far as stopping the opening of new fast-food restaurants in the poorer communities so that they could control the eating of unhealthy foods for lower cost, causing people to eat less fast food and more home-cooked meals.

How can we blame the fast-food industries for our obesity when we are the ones choosing to go to these places and eat the food. Yes, you can find cheap food at these places, but that is because it is cheaply made. It is also possible to find healthy foods at cheaper prices as well. You don’t have to shop only at your neighborhood high priced store to find a healthy meal. Processed foods, however, are high in fatty meats and sugars which are cheaper to make than better cuts of meat and fresh foods. You pay for what you get, simple as that. We would be back fighting these industries if they were serving us cheap products at expressive prices. Taking these drive-thru restaurants away from us will only cause us to drive further away to get what we want. Also, nutrition facts are posted inside these establishments. If we chose not to go inside where we can look at these facts you always have the option to go on any of their websites where we can also find and print if you so chose any nutrition facts for the items they are selling.

Lawsuits have been filed against fast food restaurants all over the United States, claiming that they have caused Americas obesity problem. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, in 2001 Obesity killed about 300,000 Americans and cost about 100 billion dollars a year. The government wants to hold the fast food industries responsible for these numbers. Other lawsuits have come out because people feel that if someone with cancer could sue the tobacco industries for getting cancer, people with health problems caused by obesity should be able to push the issue of their obesity on to the fast food industry for causing their illnesses as well. Although these illnesses are very different from one another, they both can cause death in some cases if not treated.

These lawsuits are not getting very far due to...
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