Fast Food Affecting Young Kids

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Obesity Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: April 22, 2013
English III, Period 4
November 29, 2011
Fast Food Affecting Young Kids

Today some young kids are twice the weight than kids who grew up in the 1980’s. Why is this? What is causing teenage obesity? Is it because they don’t exercise enough, eat too much, or are they just on the wrong diet? Is eating too much fast food the reason why kids are obese or overweight today? Young kids are consuming too much fast food, and it is having a major effect on their overall health. Many kids get involved with school activities and other events around their community. Kids are very busy these days. With kids being busy, there isn’t enough time to sit down and eat a good, balanced, homemade meal. With this lack of time, they decide to run to a fast food restaurant or gas station. These places don’t have a good balance of healthy food. When most kids go to a fast food restaurant, they don’t look for the healthy foods. They usually choose fast foods. Fast food restaurants are always offering good deals on unhealthy meals which makes choosing to eat fast foods very convenient and inexpensive. Can we blame parents for their kids’ obesity? Most parents get a say in what kids get to do and as well as in what they eat. They have the choice to restrict them from eating fast food. But too often parents don’t bother arguing over what their kids can and cannot eat and end up letting their kids eat whatever they chose. Parents need to take responsibility to make a well balanced meal. Some parents can’t control their kids either, which could cause the kid to stay away from home and eat more fast food. Any kid would rather eat junk food than those nasty fruits and vegetables. Most kids know they shouldn’t eat lots of junk food, but their brain tells them that “just one will never hurt” or “I’ll burn it off later!” Once they eat one “cookie”, they go back for more. Even when the junk food of choice runs out, he or she decides to have another kind of junk food. A person’s body gets...
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