Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Hamburger Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: May 4, 2009
Many people eat fast foods because they are cheap, tasty, and convenient. But do people know what fast foods are made from? Is it healthy to eat fast foods everyday? Do fast food companies really fool their customers?

In the essay “The Big Fat Case Against Big Macs,” Ellen Goodman doubts that the best lawyers can prove that fast food companies, like McDonald’s and Burger King, are the causes that make many people become overweight and have health problems, but they can prove that fast food companies fooled their consumers, especially young kids. For example, McDonald’s uses toys as attractions to make kids buy its meals. She also states that fast food companies put slogans to make kids think that eating their “Big Kids Meal” will make them grow up faster. She also doubts that fast foods have nothing to do with the health problems because why would McDonald’s in France take out an ad telling parents that kids should not eat more than one hamburger in a week. She believes that many people become overweight and have health problems not just because of the fast food companies. Instead of blaming fast food companies, people should blame their sedentary lifestyles.

Many people think that fast food companies fooled their customers, young kids, by selling their meals that come with toys. Selling food with toys does not mean fooling people. Well, is there any law that forbids people from selling food with toys? That is how people do business; they just want to get more profits from selling food with toys. Fast food companies don’t force people to buy their products, it’s our own choice. If the toys are the reasons why kids keep buying the meals, why don’t just parents take their kids to toys stores and buy a toy there? We can’t say that fast food companies fooled kids. Well, maybe in some cases they do fool kids, like in the part where they put slogans on their meals that say: “Do you want to be a Big Kid ?” Kids don’t have any idea about fast foods. The first thing...
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