Fast Food

Topics: High school, Education, Nutrition Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Diana Guzman
EAP English
Mrs. Nelson, Per. 2
May 1, 2011
The Opportunity to Learn, Is food Dangers?
Most parents shop and cook for their children .As children grow older, they gain more responsibility and parents relinquish some control. Some parents think that their children are old enough that they forget to teach their children the importance of eating healthy and cooking. Some say that they are too busy and work too much to teach their children how to cook. Tom Small states that parents work and are too busy to teach their children how to cook and shop for food. He suggests that middle and high schools should give required courses to learn the essential skills for maintaining health along with how to shop and cook. Students in high school and middle school should have the opportunity to learn how to cook and learn healthy skills in schools. However, these courses should not be mandatory but elective. Small's generalize in his statement. He says "parents are too busy to teach their children" and "parents work, so they are no longer the ones responsible," he is assuming that all parents have a job and that they are all too busy. This might be true for some parents but not all. Some parents don’t have jobs, either because they can’t work or they are too lazy to work. In Small's statement he also assumes that all children have parents and that is not entirely true. Some children are in foster homes and have grown up without parents. They have learned to take care of them self’s and didn’t have the chance to know how it feels for someone to take care of them. There should be courses in middle and high school for students who want to learn healthy skills and how to cook. It is important for student to learn the healthy echoes in this state and how they can prevent from having health problems like diabetes. Because most people don't know if what they are eating is healthy, or not, there has been many problems. With the health...
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