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Fast Food

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During the last decade, the popularity of fast-food has increased rapidly, not only in America, but also in Europe. This phenomenon changed not only the face of the towns, but also the life of most people. At first, it looked like a change for good. Many jobs were created due to the ³invasion´ of little fast-food restaurants, and busy people found an alternative to the time-wasting home cooking. But soon, rumor began to spread. Fast-food was held responsible for the increasing number of obesity cases and heart diseases. Given the circumstances, should we continue eating fast-food?

It this essay I intend to look at some of the arguments for and against eating fast-food.

It is undeniable that fast-food offers a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is an easy way to get tasty food without spending hours in front of a cooker. Secondly, most restaurants offer a huge variety of menus, and therefore the monotony of home-cooked meals can be easily avoided. Thirdly, fast-food is extremely cheap.

The main arguments against eating fast-food concern possible health problems. French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and nuggets are well known as calorie bombs. Therefore, it is easy to assume that a diet which is based mostly on the dishes mentioned above will eventually lead to overweight and even obesity.

But the implications of fast-food are not only of medical, but also of social and economical nature. This new, unhealthy diet, gave birth to a totally new individual, the so called ³couch-potato´. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, ³a couch potato is a person who spends most of his or her free time sitting or lying on a couch. This stereotype often refers to a lazy and overweight person who watches a lot of television. Generally speaking, the term refers to a lifestyle in which children or adults don't get enough physical activity.´ The connection to fast-food lies in the fact that couch-potatoes are often seen as regular consumers of these dishes.


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