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Topics: Inventory, Null hypothesis, Fashion Pages: 24 (7510 words) Published: August 9, 2012
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management
Emerald Article: Fast fashion: a financial snapshot S.G. Hayes, Nicola Jones

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Fast fashion: a financial snapshot
S.G. Hayes and Nicola Jones
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to establish an objective measure for the success of fast fashion to deliver measurable financial improvement. Design/methodology/approach – A statistical analysis of published financial data has been used to determine if any statistically significant difference exists between the financial performance of retailers split into two groups; fast fashion and non-fast fashion Findings – The research shows that no statistically significant difference exists between the financial measures of the two groups. However, some objectivity is given to the claim that reduced inventory contributes to the financial health of a fast fashion retailer. Research limitations/implications – The study was limited to published financial data; for some retailers this was not available at all, for others, it was not available for each, and similar, years. Originality/value – To the authors knowledge, this is the first paper to look objectively at the financial benefits associated with retailing to a fast fashion model. Keywords Fashion industry, Financial performance, Retailers Paper type Research paper


Introduction In recent years, retailers such as Zara, renowned for their ability to react almost instantly to current trends, have expanded throughout the world with unprecedented success....
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