Fasilitator Qualities

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rCharacteristics and Qualities of a Good Facilitator
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A good facilitator is:
* Non-judgmental
* A good listener
* Self-confident (don't forget you have to believe in yourself before you believe in others) * Flexible
* Genuine
* Hospitable
A good facilitator:
* Uses humour (have fun and make it fun when possible)
* Knows how to facilitate a person-centred plan.
* Uses pacing to move the person-centred planning process along at a rate that works for the focus person and the circle of support. * Uses good listening skills
* Uses team work to enhance the effectiveness of the person-centred planning process. * Resolves any conflict constructively
* Fosters the self-determination of the focus person so the person centred plan is created by and with them and not for them. * Builds relationships with the members of the circle of support so they will participate in the work of the action plan on an ongoing basis. * Helps the group CELEBRATE successes and accomplishments and grieve over upsets and breakdowns. * Can articulate the needs of the individuals to government and agencies. * Acts as an advocate for the individual/family when necessary.

Our Beliefs About Planning and Facilitation
WE believe that good planning facilitation...
* Values the person's voice first, with input from family, friends, and paid people. Regardless of how a person communicates, good planning ensures that the person directs the planning because it is centred on them. * Is different for each person. There is not a single "format" that must be followed. Planning has room to grow and does not just happen in meetings but is updated over time and recognizes people's changing lives and needs. * Reflects the person's interests, hopes, fears and dreams and is not driven by where the funding might come from. * Builds on the person's strengths and abilities.

* Acknowledges that each person has a unique history of experiences and stories that has shaped who we are. * Leads to action by having clear goals and ways that they will be achieved. Planning identifies obstacles and steps to overcome them. * Explores resources in the community that people can use. * Uses respectful language that avoids jargon and social service terms. * Creates opportunities for service providers to be creative in how someone will achieve the goals in their plan. * Recognizes that you will never have the time you really need and you will never have the money you really need. Therefore, commitment is the necessary ingredient. Time and money just make it easier. * Recognizes the honourable and valued role that both family/friends and paid people play in people's lives. From: Guide to the Planning Process, Community Living St. Mary's and Area, 2007. A client asked met the other day what makes a great facilitator. Here's what we came up with. I thought a list of the top characteristics of an effective facilitator would be of interest for those managers, speakers and trainers. 1. Stimulates the interaction and the free sharing of thoughts and ideas. 2. Creates the safe environment in order for the group to open up and become actively engaged in the discussion. 3. Are masterful and engaging listeners.

4. Provides the structure for the discussion. Sets the parameters, the intention and guides the conversation. 5. Supports the well-being of each participant as well as the group. 6. Acknowledges the participants and makes them right (and never makes anyone wrong.) 7. Utilizes the art of the question to create and cultivate new possibilities that stimulate new thinking. 8. Taps into the wisdom of each person, as the value derived in each discussion is a result of the co-creation and wisdom of the group (vs. dominates the discussion.) 9. Is charge neutral and responsive rather than reactive.

10. Is fluid and flexible vs. rigid. (Is light and dances gracefully within the...
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