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Fashion Essay

Art, Clothing, and Fashion; when talking about fashion it is hard not to discuss clothing; and when speaking about clothes, it is hard to omit the influence of art. Thus, these three words go hand in hand to give meaning to each other. Art, clothing, and fashion influence each other and provide basis for us to understand each one. Anyone who has ever visited an art show or art museum can easily see that art comes in various forms. Art ranges from an oil painting hanging on the wall to a statue made out of diamonds. In the same way, fashion may be presented through different clothing each falling in different categories like; evening, gala, night, beach wear, etc.

Well fashion does not coordinate only towards clothing. We also have hair styles; make up, music and now a day’s even underwear. Each of these depends on the type of clothing chosen. Nevertheless in each category art is present and this criterion has been a debate argued for decades.

Let me first make clear that the fashion to which I am referring is high fashion. It isn't the sort of fashion meant for high street consumption, made by machines and propelled by mass production. The fashion I refer to is made through a creative process involving inspiration, vision, presentation, and a need by the designer to express a message through his or her chosen art form. I don't believe a t-shirt is made in this manner. Something interesting is the recent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York entitled "Brave hearts: Men In Skirts" examined the skirt as a male equipment throughout history. Hip-hop and other modern clothes - which wouldn't actually be considered skirts - also showed evidence of the outfit. Such multi-cultural references directly reflect our modern and ever changing society in the West. Fashion, then, is an interactive art form where the wearer is an essential element of the art.
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