Fashion Triggers Eating Disorders

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Fashion’s efforts to triggering eating disorders

Do you believe that fashion triggers eating disorders? “Specialists in eating disorders warn that the focus on fashion implies that certain illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia are primarily caused by the desire to look like a model” (Kimberly Conniff Timer). On November 14, Ana Carolina Reston was only 88 pounds when she died. She was the second model in most recent months to die from an eating disorder. About two years after her very first fashion shoot, Ana came back exceedingly lighter than ever. Eventually, this disease called Anorexia got the best of her. After she became ill, her face began to appear more and more on the covers of magazines across the globe. Not for her modeling efforts, but rather for her sickness that was slowly consuming her body. Her dreams as a little girl of becoming a cover girl came true, but like Tom Phillips said, “It was for all the wrong reasons.” Fashion in general has a huge influence on many individuals who are now suffering from some form of an eating disorder. The issue is that, in our advanced world today, media and fashion are delivering the message that “A Beautiful Image” is only sought through being tremendously slender. Eating disorders are worldwide problems that are affecting the many lives and futures of diverse and beautiful people. Some main factors that may trigger eating disorders are seen through the media. However, such eating disorders may even be triggered by simple things like the clothes you put on every day. A lot of times, the things you wear affect the way you feel about yourself. Whether you put on an outfit that’s suitable or just too tight, you always notice the pros and cons of your attire. However, sometimes, you are not satisfied with the way things look on you, and it’s usually because of your physical size. Fashion in general may influence eating disorders because it sets unreachable standards for people. The fashion industry doesn’t necessarily promote eating disorders, but it does promote being at an unhealthy weight and size. ( Through experience, I’ve come to notice that many students find that if they do not look good in a certain fashion, they become self–conscious. Eventually they feel that changing their physical appearance and losing weight, would help them to fit in with a desired crowd and even make them feel more comfortable with themselves. When surveyed, many students in the Waianae community said that it felt good to be complimented about their weight loss. They became more confident keep under control. They also felt good about the changes they’ve made. It gave students a sense of freedom and accomplishment that allowed them to see that they had total control of their bodies. This is a pro affect for them. However the cons of unnatural dieting may lead to dangerous disorders that are both unhealthy and sometimes fatal in certain cases. Personally, I myself have encountered self-esteem issues. I felt the need to fit in and saw “beauty” on the covers of teen magazines, and in famous TV shows or advertisements. I struggled to find my confidence throughout the beginning years of high school. Luckily, beauty found me, and it wasn’t because of the clothes I wore, or the size I was. People would tell me that I was a perfect weight and was just right for my age. Eventually, later on down the road, when I just started to notice weight gain, I came to the realization that I was not overweight and looked content with myself in old pictures. I allowed myself to believe that I needed to lose even more weight to impress others around me. I discovered that beauty is what you make of it. In which I thought beauty was perceived best through a number you saw on a scale. But it’s a mixture of different aspects that make up true beauty. Physical attributes are only a small piece that plays a part in the means of being beautiful. Individuality and personality...
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