Fashion Trends

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Fashion Trends of Youth in Pakistan


Chapter 1

It’s not just an outfit that is the offer of fashion. Rather it resides in every corner of the present landscape. Our mobile phones, our cars, our kitchens, our choice of media, the places where meet our friends- all add to the meaning of fashion. Its not enough to wear the clothes, you have to don the lifestyle too. Fashion is a conceptual term though it covers almost all aspects of our daily life. Dress is very important facet of our personality and fashion in our dress and clothes have taken its step towards international market. The retail and wholesale sector in Pakistan was worth about $40 billion in fiscal year 2012, and has been growing at 5.3% in real (inflation-adjusted) terms for the past five years, much faster than overall economic growth during that period. Parallel to this trend in consumerism, Digital Marketing in Pakistan has also been on the rise which has resulted in the Fashion Industry (specifically formal and informal lawn brands), fast accepting this unique phenomenon.  

Also, with the Ramazan on the go; Eid approaching in the near future and summers near their destined end, many new clothing brands have gone active and are advertising their Eid collection and Summer Sales on Facebook vigorously. So much so, that as per my calculations, one in every ten recommendations/sponsored stories or ads I see, are related to a clothing brand.  

Whether it be established brands like Kayseria, Khaadi and Gul Ahmed, or newly launched premium brands like Sana Safinaz or Asim Jofa, or relatively smaller designer names like Rang Ja, The Working Woman, Mariam Aziz and Echo all can be found actively on Facebook. Fashion industry of Pakistan has made quite a lot of progress in just a few years. Ten to fifteen years from now, this industry was still unknown to actually exist to the masses. Late with the formation of fashion councils and education centers under the enthusiastic few who wanted to make a difference and promulgate this very institution of fashion,

* Quick glance at fashion back in TIME

The Swinging 60's
The focus of the time was on fittings. Bell bottoms, hair pieces, narrow fitted shirts, narrow dupattas, heavy eye makeup for girls and side burns for men was order of the time. People in those times took influence from the actors whom they idealized.

The Political 70's
In 70's the political times changed. People turned towards patriotism. Cotton came in vogue and people were seen in loose kurtas called Awami Suits and Saris.

The Materialistic 80's
The 80's emerged from the drabness of the 70's and ushered in disco, glitz and glamour. People were indulged in their material instincts. In Pakistan, loose was "in" and tight was "out". Glitter and glitz was trendy and simplicity took a back seat.

Back To The East With 90's
It was a time for the rival of our culture. Traditional costumes made a comeback. A lot of embroidery, gharara, Sheirwani and Paishwaz were seen. Everyone wanted to look sleek and thin.

The New Millennium "The Y2K“
The year 2000 came with a bang moving people towards hi-tech and fast-paced living. The clothes too have become more streamlined and structured. The defined boundaries of eastern and western fashion have collapsed people wear no fuss Chinese trousers, cargo pants, iron easy cloth and manageable preferably short hair. Fusion is the call of this time

* Interview with designers
Maria B:
Fashion is an extension of self ,an ___expression of individuality, of art and modernism- It has no borders or divides- Its passion and It is the constant evolution of society. Fashion is a form of ___expression on an individual as well as a social level---The general shift in Pakistan thank God! is towards intelligent broad-minded ideas and its now starting to reflect in the way that people are dressing up

Fashion for me is your sense of...
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