Fashion Statement of Intent

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STATEMENT OF INTENT (Broken down into 4 stages)

Please complete ALL sections below (refer to detailed style sheet for guidance). N.B Please ensure that your proposal is word processed, and completed under the appropriate headings

Student Name: Rosie Tabor


Pathway Option (Specialist Option): Fashion

Tutor/s: Jenny Francis

Section 1: The Final Major Project (150 words)
What you intend to make (including how this may relate to your work in the Pathway stage, extends your knowledge, understanding and creative ability)

I intend to create a number of printed t-shirts and an item of military styled clothing. The overall project will have a military theme echoing the current interest in the armed forces as we see more and more troops sent overseas. I intend to use my fine art skills to create a printed design on each t-shirt and I will use the deconstruction/reconstruction idea to produce an additional item of clothing based on a military uniform. I will use a variety of methods to place the designs on the t-shirts which will mean learning new skills and gaining a greater understanding of applying colours and prints to fabrics. The location chosen to photograph the final pieces will need to reflect and compliment the style and feel that I am looking to create.

Section 2: Influences, Research, Sources and Ideas (150 words) What are your influences and how do these sources represent a realistic starting point for your project. Likely sources of information such as museums, locations, performances.

I was brought up in a family with liberal and peace loving values, when I was 12 I took part in a demonstration against Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War. Recent events have made me question my loyalties, first my foster brother joined the RAF to pursue his life dream of becoming a pilot and then my eldest brother joined the Territorial Army. Drawing on these emotions I want to create military influenced pieces which express these contradictions visually by merging the symbols of peace, innocence and war resulting in powerful images which challenge and confront. Starting points for research and ideas will be peace movement images, military uniforms, old and modern images from wars. (117)

Section 3: Techniques, Processes, and Timetables (150 words) What techniques and processes do you anticipate using? Set out your work schedule to include specific actions that you are planning to achieve a successful project

In order to complete this project I will need to use my fine art skills to develop the images that I want to appear on the completed pieces. I will use a variety of sources for the images including sketching and photography. I will need to consider the range of colours that I use as it will complicate the printing process if the final images use too many colours. I will also need to research different methods of applying the designs to the clothing. I will need to spend time in the studio learning these skills. I will also rework an existing item of military clothing which will compliment the message that I am promoting with the t-shirt prints. I will explore a range of fabrics to use in my project such as camouflage fabric, netting, zips, buckles and belts. I will include ‘milestones’ in my timescale - dates where certain elements of the project must be completed if the entire project is to be completed in time.

Section 4: Methods of Evaluation (50 words)
How do you intend to assess the success of your project? How are you going to comment on developmental issues and the completed project?

I will document my progress as a diary in my PRD, I will encourage personal responses to what I am doing to find out what is successful and what isn’t and what I am finding enjoyable. I will record my progress against the time I estimated the different elements of the project would take, to assess how accurate I was in planning the project and whether my...
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