Fashion Paper Proposal

Topics: Woman, Female body shape, Female Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Idea: My passion is for fashion. I love the feeling of getting complimented on an outfit that I’ve taken time during the morning to pick out. I love to shop and frequently find myself trying to tweak my wardrobe to fit the latest trends. Fashion, to me, represents confidence. However, some might argue that the fashion industry portrays an idea on appearance that causes some teenage girls’ self-esteem to admonish. Therefore, I have decided to explore the ways in which the fashion industry affects women’s body image.

Plan: My paper should consist of three parts: the introduction where I will introduce why fashion is something I am passionate about and my stance on the issue, the body paragraphs where my research will support my argument, and the ending where I conclude by sending a message to young girls.

Working Thesis: The fashion industry needs to allow for a broader range of female body types in order to preserve the healthy body image of women in general.

Supporting evidence: During my research, I found an interesting article from New York Magazine has listed the 7-day diaries of four people in the fashion industry: two models (a male and a female), fashion editor, and producer. I plan to use evidence from this article in my introduction to show introduce what the fashion industry is portraying as “beautiful”. Another article I found particularly interesting was a blog written by a former model that once used extreme measures to fit the typical model physique. She then turned her life around by embracing her womanly curves. I plan to use this in my conclusion to support my overall message; woman of all body types should be allowed to participate in the fashion industry to avoid them negatively altering their bodies.
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