Fashion Merchandising and Production Technology

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1. Name and details of the organization.

2. Organogram of the organization.

3. Nature of activities:

4. Buyers:

5. Styles:

6. Fabrics:

7. Analysis of a particular style from initial order confirmation to final shipment.

8. Systems and procedures for Coordinating with buyers, factory, suppliers, laboratory / others – internal & external.

9. Documentation, filing and understanding of Standard operating procedure.

10. Typical problems faced during previous orders of similar styles.

11. Time and action plan – understanding and preparation.

12. Common terminologies used for different buyers.

13. Analysis of style requirements, special effects of the style, foresee problems with respect to a specific fabric / color / print etc.

14. Recording of daily activities.


Technological improvements in the last forty years of the 20th century included improved fabric technology and automated garment construction techniques. Busy lifestyles, easy home laundering and workplace changes have encouraged a more relaxed attitude to clothing in many situations. Dress adapted to meet these needs. Assessing a decade of fashion so close in time is complex. In terms of costume history it's only after a trend has been around for several years we can acknowledge that it's more than a passing fad and deserves recognition in the archives of history. We each see what we ourselves wore as what was worn and typical of the era. The mood of society in the final decade of the last millennium was more defining than what was actually worn.

So much more was on offer globally, and many people lost interest in fashion as necessary and important to their lives when business rules for dressing relaxed. Working from home became common. By the edge of the 21st century dressing down in every aspect of life became an acceptable norm. Ordinary retail clothing sales, textile manufacturing industries and stores all declined from a less active more casual marketplace. The main thrust of fashion was the striving to achieve individuality. Fashion proliferated as fast as it could be relayed by the media and Internet and only by styling oneself rather than slavishly following a particular designer's fashion look, could individuality be achieved. Rapid dissemination of information and a more relaxed attitude to clothes has led to a certain inevitable uniformity in different parts of the world. GNFL is well aware of the challenging and divers needs for the development of products on a seasonal basis in the rapidly changing fashion industry, therefore, GNFL has composed a creative development team compiled from Bangladesh as well as overseas to work with its valued customers and fulfill their requirements in relation to the development of new styles, fabric, designs, etc GNFL, with its robust sampling facility consists sample knitting and dyeing machines. State –of – the- art+ laboratory and its dedicated development team will work in partnership with its buyers to develop new products on a year-round basis. The garment factory is situated in a separate building within the complex which is tailor-mede to accommodate better line layout and a comfortable working environment to facilitate more efficient production. Each sewing floor has approximately 27,000 square feet. The sewing floor consists of 20 lines at a present capacity of stitching 1,000,000 pieces per month. The garment factory has...
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