Fashion Marketing Reflection Piece

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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The Fashion Industry is a very large and competitive Industry. It thrives on one key element for its success. Marketing.

Marketing influences every aspect of the fashion world. It influences the product and the manner of styles the consumer use. It understands the “what, where and why’s” when it comes to the trends and to the consumer.

I plan to go into Fashion Business once I have completed my Bachelor of Communications. Fashion Business requires an eye for style and a head for business. Marketing is one of the major components that drives the Fashion Industry, so knowledge is the key.

Without Marketing I could not get the right product to the right people. Marketing will give me the essential skills that are needed in Trend Forecasting, Public Relations, Publishing, Buying and Event Management. It will also provide me with the skills and knowledge to be able to promote and sell fashion, design concepts and target strategies such as advertising and promotional campaigns.

Marketing is an extremely vital role in any working Fashion House to ensure success and reduce failure. It is a given that Marketing is critical in building a successful brand, it is also the difference as to whether one sinks or swims in a competitive world. To have that Marketing edge in the Fashion world is no longer a luxury it is a vital necessity for success.

This course will provide me with the skills and foundations I require to turn my business I ambitions into business realities.
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