Fashion Marketing

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Essay Ten credits H3 Dr Wessie Ling Issue date: week commencing 13.03.06 Hand in to School Office (Room 322 Davies Street) no later than 12.00pm on Mon, 24 April 2006. Attn: to Dr Wessie Ling. Essay are bound, marked with students’ names, and all pages are numbered.

Choose from one of the following essay titles: - Conspicuous consumption: Past, present or future? - Democratisation of luxury: The future or the end of the luxury market? - Homogenisation of fashion: Dressing the same or different? EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES • Describe the historical, cultural and economical dimension of fashion • Compare and contrast the relationship of these forces (historical, cultural and economic) and their impact upon fashion • Critically evaluate and identify key elements of decision-making processes in the marketing context of a fashion company

MINIMUM EVIDENCE FOR ASSESSMENT • A scholarly essay accompanied with visual materials (optional) between 1800 – 2000 words (A4 – word-processed; essay should include a word count) on 1 of the above titles. • Essay should be systematically structured with sub-titles. • Essay should demonstrate research into the subject, should include citations, and must be in Harvard style of referencing. • A minimum of 10 references should be included as references for the essay. SUBMISSION INTRUCTIONS • Submitted with a FRONT SHEET follow by a TITLE SHEET • Each sheet must clearly show your name and be sequentially numbered • Any late submission will result a FAIL (If you experience any difficulties in meeting the deadline, it is important that you take this matter up in advance with your unit and year tutor) For bibliography and other information, please refer to your Course Handbook ASSESSMENT CRITERIA AWARD CRITERIA A An outstanding level of achievement which is exceptional in its grasp of principles and the originality with which they are applied (85% and above) B A very good level of achievement, deserving commendation but not distinguished by an exceptional grasp of principles or exceptional originality in their application (70% to 84%) C A good level of achievement, significantly higher than the minimum standard


required for D (55% to 69%) Satisfaction of the criteria for a pass in that element (40% to 54%) Failure to meet the criteria for a pass in that element (below 40%)

Please note • Keep a copy of all written and digital work on disk. If your work is lost by you, the college or anyone else, it cannot be marked, whether you have a receipt or not. • Dyslexia/Disability Passport If you have a dyslexia or disability passport that entitles you to extra time to complete the assessment, please discuss arrangements for handing in the work with your tutor two weeks before the deadline. A copy of the passport should be attached to the work when submitted. • Late submissions or non-submission of work will result in fail. If you have suffered from an illness or serious personal issue such as bereavement, which has affected the quality of your work or your ability to complete the assignment, you should hand in the work on time and submit an extenuating circumstances form along with documentary evidence such as a medical certificate. If illness or other serious problem prevents you attending college to submit your work on the deadline, contact your tutor to arrange to hand in the work and complete an extenuating circumstances form, with documentary evidence. NB Details of extenuating circumstances procedures and the form can be found in the policies and procedures section of your handbook • Referral/Re-Submission Should you fail to attain the required standard, you must submit a new or amended piece of work in order to pass the unit. Under these circumstances, you will be notified of the requirements and the dates and...
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