Fashion in 1920

Topics: 1920s, Roaring Twenties, Hair Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Fashion in 1920
1920 was a time for change and prosperity in everyway. It was the Era when fashion started to be an enormous topic to women’s life. Fashion affected the freedom of women during the 1920’s giving them rights they never had before. The Flappers were a huge symbol of freedom for the women during that time. Women as well started caring to much about there looks rather than other important things happening in that Era. The conflict is was fashion a positive thing or negative in the 1920. How did fashion affect the freedom of women during the 1920’s? The roaring twenties fashion gave women the freedom to actually choose by giving them rights. Fashion had a positive effect it started to demonstrate the rise of equality between men and women. In 1920 the 19th Amendment was passed in the United States it was granting suffrage to women. Women advanced in the work force they got hired for office jobs and many other jobs women weren’t able to work in before. It was the first Era when women were more acceptable to smoke and drink in public. That was the first time women had voting rights and it was a huge significant of change. Fashion gave women more opportunities, dressmaking was a new job for women and it was a well pay job making it easier for women to support there families. There were health and beauty clubs that helped women refined themselves by getting fitter and healthier. This clubs helped women remove there stress and have time for them. “They also gained several rights and a freer lifestyle” (The Roaring Twenties p.1). The statement is agreeable because it did give women a new life. 1920 was when fashion was an important issue for women’s. A flapper was a young modern woman who went for dates, wore fashionable clothes and had a job. Flappers were a symbol of women changing in society. For the first time women had short hair, when other decades before women had to have long hair. The designers were given...
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