Fashion Cycle and Theories

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Fashion Cycle

Theories of fashion adoption

Fashion leaders & followers
Fashion evolves GRADUALLY giving TIME to customers to become accustomed to new looks

Introduction to a style
Growth - Increase in Popularity – Bridge & Diffusion
Maturity – Peak of Popularity – Adaptations & Knock-offs Decline in Popularity
Rejection or Obsolescence
INTRODUCTION OF A STYLE – New styles are introduced by Firms or Designers, its showcased in Fashion shows & publicized by celebrities

INCREASE IN POPULARITY – Popular styles are copied or adapted by mainstream manufacturers to make them available to general public by using inexpensive fabric or modifying the styles & selling them at lower price in greater quantities called as secondary, bridge or diffusion lines.

PEAK OF POPULARITY – When a fashion is highly popular , there are knockoffs produced

DECLINE IN POPULARITY – So many copies are mass produced that fashion conscious people start looking for something new. Many shoppers wait to buy when merchandise does on sale.

REJECTION OF STYLE OR OBSOLESCENCE – Consumers have already turned to new look, thus beginning of new cycle. Rejection of a style just because it is out of fashion is called consumer obsolescence.

CLASSICS – Styles which never become obsolete but instead remain more or less accepted for an extended period

FADS – Short-lived fashions is called FADS which come & go in a single season.

CYCLES WITHIN CYCLES -- Design elements (like color, texture or silhouette) may change even though the style itself remains popular. Popular styles like jeans remain classics & remain for a long time but various details, silhouette & features came & went during that period.

RECURRING CYCLES – After a fashion dies, it may resurface. Designers often borrow ideas from past. It may reappear in an interpreted way by changing fabric or silhouette. Its not totally new but its never exactly the same....
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