Fashion Craze

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  • Published : September 9, 2011
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Fashion repeats itself every six months

“Oh my God is she wearing that cheetah print...!” “O haven’t you noticed, the animal prints are back.” Thus began my recent trip to a local shopping mall with a close friend.

Needless to say, every trip to the mall means a trip down the memory lane. You see a new dress, a new design and something starts ticking in your head. Where have I seen it? Who was wearing it? And slowly, so very slowly, realization sets in. Oh God, this is a remake of the chic design that everyone loved last year, isn’t it? It came, it saw, it conquered, it was kicked out. Now it has emerged again as a sequel. Who needs sequels? Remember ‘Terminator 3’ and ‘Home Alone 2’ and those dozens of flicks that filled you with despair and gave you that headache?

In the world of fashion, the designers bring in new collections every season. The shopping malls are filled with the trendy products. Be it a student, a working professional, a clerk, or a CEO, none wish to look like the odd-one-out and so everyone tries to adapt a style according to the current fashion trends.

But how current can a current fashion trend be?

I mean, what happens when a fashion takes the country by storm and within a few weeks you feel simply bored to see the trend catching up like a wild fire from Park Towers to the Da’ak Khana area of Liaquatabad in Karachi to Garhi Shahu of Lahore?

Creating a new fashion that clicks is truly a nightmare for the designers because the clients and the A-list celebrities remain the most thankless species ever found on planet Earth. Their demands are endless and their attitudes are ruthless. They need something new every season and somehow they have this perception of every month being a season.

So the designers opt for sequels. They redo fashions. What else can they do? What can anyone do? Forgive me if I sound desi, but this is what happens even in Paris and Milan. If you are ever fortunate enough to watch Fashion TV for a whole...
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