Fashion and Communication

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Julia Albaine
M. Gooch
May 12, 2012

Fashion and Communication

It’s fashion a way of communication? Many people may contradict with the answer, but yes, fashion is a way of communication. Fashion and clothing are forms of nonverbal communication where no spoken or written words are used, but they send salient messages. Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, the function of fashion as a medium of communication is becoming of a new significance for modern society. Fashion is something we deal with everyday. Fashion is about change, which is necessary to keep life interesting. That’s mean, fashion also play a roles to us to influence people in our day. Fashion can be a spirit, an extension of oneself, Even people who say they do not care what they wear but it are undeniable that most of us choose the fashion we like in our daily life. There are many reasons we wear what we wear such as we wear something fashion for protection, physical attraction, religious expression, identification and tradition so on and so forth. Today fashion keep on changing, many people in our society especially students are exited to try various fashion look different. Before, fashion was exclusive for wealthy only people. Fortunately things are changing, we have famous designer that are offering affordable clothes for the less fortunate people in our society. One of them is a Dominican born Oscar De La Renta. Oscar De La Renta was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1932. He was raised in a middle class home with his sisters. When he was 17 years old, he went to Madrid, Spain, to attend art school. He became a student at the Academia de San Fernando, where he studied painting with Vasques Dias. De la Renta's original goal was to become an abstract painter. Fashion was also of interest to de la Renta. He started working doing illustrations for magazines and for a couture house in Spain called Balenciaga. De la Renta created his first dress on a freelance basis for the daughter of a U.S. ambassador. A picture of the debutante in the dress appeared in Life magazine. In 1961 he was hired by Lavin-Castillo in Paris as assistant to Antonio del Castillo. Two years later he moved to the United States to work for Elizabeth Arden. He worked in couture and the ready-to-wear salon. That opens the doors to work for many others designers. In 1966 de la Renta together with Jerry Shaw founded their own company. Presently he is one of the richest Hispanic Americans, Oscar de la Renta is a very successful and popular fashion designer. Best known for his evening gowns, de la Renta expanded his business to include varying priced lines of women's wear, men's wear, accessories, fragrances, household items, perfume, and furniture. Many society women wear De La Renta’s clothes, and he also provided dresses for many First Ladies of the United States, including Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. With the addition of his new line, more day wear and ready-to-wear items as well as cheaper Miss O line to appeal to less prosperous consumers. We can see more people looking for brand names cloths on the stores. Also, on line we can purchase brand names product for less, and some article are exclusive to be sold on line only. All this change in the fashion industries had influence on people to buy brand names clothes, accessory, shoes, and perfume and household items. Underneath, you will find photos of Oscar de la Renta and par of his collection, including a collection available for daily wear for less.

Oscar De La Renta, Designer. At 72, with his business on fire and the White House calling, Oscar de la Renta is at the peak of his power.

As I mentioned before, he is famous for his evening gowns and the use of black and white example is this photo as a way of expressing glamour.

Oscar de la Renta 2011 Wedding Collection, he surprised everyone who attended with this black wedding dress.

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