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Indian Mehndi Designs
It is said that the at any festival or religious event, the preparation of a girl/woman can not be completed without MEHNDi, & it isa world truth. Mehndi filled hands make a lady more charming.

Indian styles of mehndi are more famous in 2013. Girls and women are keen to wear mehndi at every event. Indian mehndi designs are mostly floral, peacock and geometric shaped designs. These designs are developed not only for the front side of hand but also for the back side of hand. There are also designs for the feet which cover the fuul feet ith ankle point. To make it more attractive, designers use different special made colors named “Glitter’’ in floral and geometric shaped designs. Sometimes they use white beads especially on bridal hands. If we talk about Bridal mehndi, there are different designs on different occasion of marriage ceremony. Either in India or Pakistan, sometimes at ‘Mayioon’ or ‘Mehndi’, bridal has been wore by simple design of flower on back side of hand and finger tips are fully filled with mehndi. And put color in flower.. it makes the bridal hands too attractive. At the day of marriage, the bridal wears mehndi from hands to the elbow point. This kind of designs is mostly complicated. Because these designs especially designed for bridals. At other events, e.g. diwali, holli in india and Eid in Pakistan, girls and women wear peacock designs. And on feet they used ‘Bail’ type styles. Mehndi is that only element which make every happy moment of life of a girl/woman more appreciable. When they wear mehndi. Everyone come attract to them. It has no side effects of skin as it is made by herbs. Mehndi is famous globally. The women of East are not onl keen of it but the women of west too.
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