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Dai’Jon Ross
January 24, 2013
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Rise of the Real People
In the article “Rise of the Real People”, author Jennie Yabroff disassembles the fashion world and what it is reforming itself as it expands. Yabroff explains the reasoning behind the fashion world and its drastic change is because the faces of the people wearing the clothing are changing. Stereotypical models that we used to seeing in magazines, commercials, and ads are beginning to look more like normal people. Why the faces of the fashion industry changing? Many aren’t sure, but Yabroff believes that fashion gurus are noticing that sales are more likely to increase if real people see who they believe are other real people modeling clothing. From a psychological stand point when clothing is portrayed to be for skinnier people they only target skinny people.

Yabroff’s thesis statement is easily identifiable and as a reader was strong yet simple enough to understand and grasp. Throughout Yabroff’s thesis she gets her point across with ease and gives several supporting details, that’ll persuade anyone into believing what is changing with the fashion industry. With every point she makes her supporting detail always refers back to her thesis statement.

The author’s article was very logical and made sense to me as she describes why the fashion industry has changed as far as social media especially. With the development of the internet fashion shows and other showcases of fashion are seen by many more than before which tends to bring more critics. I agree with the author when she explains that the fashion industry has interrupted real people because real people are watching more fashions.
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