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  • Published: February 21, 2011
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The Recognition of Spouses by Their Distinctive Emotional Characteristics. Authors:
Clarke, David D.1 ddc@psychology.nottingham.ac.uk
Journal of Social Behavior & Personality; Jun97, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p345-366, 22p, 3 Charts Document Type:
Subject Terms:
*MARRIED people
*HUSBAND & wife
*DOMESTIC relations
Two studies are reported examining the idea that married people recognise certain emotions, or sequences of emotions, as distinctive of their spouses, and can perform recognition tasks from these cues alone. In one study, participants were asked to identify their spouses, just from abstract, verbal, emotional self-descriptions. Here, it was found that husbands could sometimes recognise their wives, but not the reverse. In a second study recognition was generally poorer, but an interesting pattern of errors emerged. Participants tended to attribute their own emotions to their spouses.Both sexes tended to identify male emotional patterns as belonging to their spouses. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]  

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The Recognition of Spouses by Their Distinctive Emotional Characteristics -------------------------------------------------
1. Participants
2. Procedure
3. Participants
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