Fascist Japan

Topics: Democracy, Fascism, Human rights Pages: 8 (2702 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Democracy clearly failed in Japan. The limitation of the Diet due to the veto powers the Japanese Emperor had, the corruption within the democratic leaders soiling the name of Democracy, the failure of the Democratic leaders and further on… Maybe these were some of the reasons why democracy had looked like a very poor system to a common Japanese man. Due to their failure to solve the problems of the farmers and workers, the Democratic Government was not supported by the people. Furthermore, the economic crisis which followed painted the Democratic Government in a bad light as it was powerless to make any decisions that could save the country. Coupled with a lack of faith in its abilities, the Democratic Government’s failure of solve all these problems lost it valuable support and steered the Japanese people to the arms of the military. Things began to take a change when western imperialism and American expansion influenced Japanese leaders to work towards an ideology of militarism since it made them more wary of safeguarding their territories and consolidating their position in the region.

This is how Japan started on the path of fascism. Of course, logically, every ideology has its own pros and cons and it depends on the history and culture of a country to fascism was beneficial to Japan to what level of extent. The word “Beneficial” refers to having given the country a positive change and for the case of non-beneficial, bringing harm and torture to the people. In my option, I have decided that Fascism did not benefited Japan to a large extent when considering about going long way down the road.

Firstly, looking at Japan’s situation, democracy did not fit in for Japan as there were loopholes in the system which indicates that Japan was not suited for democracy. There were many problems in Democratic Japan where workers had difficulties, the trade imbalance which eventually led to the great depression in 1929. The diet was then seen as weak and powerless; leading to the military taking over since they were favored by the Emperor. The further success of the military in world war earned the people’s trust and gave the country pride. Thus it was beneficial as it made Japan look more like a strong state where the people were united and nationalistic. Fascism also provided a sense of belonging to the people where they were again proud in be able to give their part in bringing glory to their nation. Therefore, Fascism did benefit Japan to a certain extent.

Secondly, fascism would allow the country to be ruled under a single power. This is beneficial as it centralizes the whole government, thus there would be fewer conflicts within the government. The whole country would also act as one unit instead of multiple units where is would be harder to take control of them. This allows any end goals or changes to be made and met more efficiently and expediently. This advantage of being a fascist country would help Japan in her economics downturn as the country would work as one to help improve the economy. One example would be the Wall street crash. As countries adopted protectionalism, the demand of silk falls and leads to lesser revenue for companies. The companies would not have enough money to pay for workers’ wages and unemployment occurs. With the adoption of fascism, the problem would be solved at a faster rate as each citizen does their part for the country’s interest and listens to the government. Therefore fascism is indeed beneficial for Japan when its interest is concerned as compared to having a democratic system whereby the decision making took a longer time, leading to a reduction in the level of efficiency.

Thirdly, Fascism benefited Japan by reducing unemployment. While looking back at Germany’s Nazism, where Nazism is fascism in Germany, Hitler reduced unemployment by implementing new government projects which requires building. Similar to Japan, Japanese people were employed for expanding building programmes...
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