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Animal Farm Essay
Language plays an important role as a social control mechanism in three ways in the book Animal Farm. First, the story demonstrates that language controls the way the animals think. Second, language is used to help regulate the behaviors of the animals which leads to group conformity and obedience by the animals on the farm. Third, it is used to assert authority and superiority by the character Squealer in order to impress, intimidate and confuse the other animals on the farm. Even though language is used to manipulate the animals on the farm into behaving a certain way, it does have positive benefits on the group. Social control of the animals is shown to motivate and bring organization to the farm. These points are discussed in more detail below.

The story demonstrates that language controls the way the animals on the farm think. Squealer the pig is able to convince the animals that they should share the work equally amongst them. Squealer is able to change the way the animals thought about work as well as change their attitudes towards the humans on the farm. The change in their thinking is then able to bring about a rebellion by the animals towards the humans. Squealer uses very persuasive language to convince the animals to believe in his ideas and therefore language becomes a form of social control on the farm.

Language helps establish and maintain social control and order on the farm in a very powerful way by regulating the behavior of the animals and leads to group conformity. For example, Squealer convinces the animals to all work together and to listen to what Napoleon tells them to do. On the farm all the animals believe Squealer because of the persuasive way he talks. For example, when Squealer tells the animals to work harder and to listen to their leader Napoleon, they do. When Squealer tells them that the pigs need the milk and apples in order to keep Mr. Jones away, they believe him and give their own...
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