Farming in the 1930's

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Dust Bowl Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: August 22, 2008
Farming in the 1930's
The depression was a time of uncertainty, sorrow and pain. As a result, the farming industry was a very low point during the depression. People’s lives in farming were greatly influenced by the depression. Many people who were involved in farming were affected by the climate and economic instability causing many people to move to the cities. The farming industry was heavily impacted by the climate in different parts of the USA. The “Dust to Eat” book by Michael cooper. The dust bowl was a major problem to the people who worked on farms and who lived in mainly the mid-west. Therefore the high winds and dust killed many plants and left people out of work for days. In “Living through the Great Depression” by Tracy Collins. People of the west were affected by the drought. This Means that it made it ineligible to grow plants and many of them died. Lastly, in the east people were impacted by mass flooding. The death of these plants may have contributed to the low amount of food supply because there was not any being sold due to the economic instability.

Economic instability in the 1930’s was one of the major killers of farming. In “Living through the depression” (Tracy Collins) many people where low on money. They needed money to produce different types of goods and pass them out or sell them to the people. This means that with out any money there is no production. With no cash in the government there were not many things going in and out of the country. Many local businesses had to raise the prices on things because they needed all the money they could get. They also were only spending money on things they needed whether than things they want. Therefore, prices on other farming equipment went up like tractors, rakes and what not. This hurt both the businesses because know one was buying the product and the farming industry because farmers did not have any materials to keep on working to distribute goods. According to “Wessel’s Living...
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