Farm Girl

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Summary of “Farm Girl”
Tereasa Turner
Strayer University

Jessica Hemauer, the author of “Farm Girl,” talks about her life as a child, growing up o a farm. At an early age Jessica learned how to manage her time, through her daily chores and attending school.

Because of her responsibilities at home, Jessica was not able to participate in any of the school activities. Jessica often felt left out and depressed when she went to lunch with her classmates. Her classmates would begin to talk about different school activities they participated in after school, how much fun they had, and who did or said what at the games.

Jessica talked to her parents time after time about playing basketball for the school. After they were convinced, they allowed her to participate on the team. But, Jessica had one rule to follow. That is she must continue to do her chores, when she came in from school or practice.

Now, participating in the conversations at lunch, Jessica no longer felt left out. She was a part of the team like any of the other players.
Through all of this, she maintained her chores at home, her education and the after school activities. She managed her time well!
Life on the farm was not bad for Jessica and she does not regret it. She learned many things from her life on the farm. Jessica learned how to be responsible and how to manage her time. Being raised on the farm, caused her to stand head and shoulders above the rest of her peers.

Jessica stated, “Though I hated it growing up, working on the farm has taught me many lessons about life, which has shaped me into the individual I am” ( Hemauer, 2011, p. 83).
Jessica’s audience could be other farm girls or employees looking to hire qualified women like her.
I feel as though the purpose of the essay is to encourage other farm girls or assure other young ladies that Jessica made it and so can they. The style was not hard or soft. Jessica appears to deliver this essay in a cool still voice. Not...
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