Farm Girl

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Farm girl by Hemauer
Contessa Royal
Dr. Eric Grosse
Eng. 115

Jessica Hemauer’s essay titled Farm Girl was very inspiring to me. Jessica writes about her life starting as a young girl at the age of ten who is responsible for a lot more work than your average ten-year-old. Hemauer wrote this essay because she wanted readers to read about what her life was like growing up on a farm, and how she had to manage and take charge of her different lifestyle that no other kids had experienced. No matter if she was the "farm girl," or the girl that was so involved with school activities, she was always different, but knew how to manage her time wisely without being stressed. The main purpose, in my opinion, was to give to others what she had to experience, and that was learning responsibility and time management.

I think that her audience is for people who have troubles with time management, and just showing that it’s possible to be involved and work hard, but how you manage your time and becoming responsible is key. This can be supported in the last paragraph when she says "And every day people notice that I am different from the rest of my peers. At school, teachers and organization leaders are impressed by my time management skills and the amount of responsibility I take on." She then throws in a little comic gesture when her boss asks where he can find people with such commitment by saying "Try hiring some farm girls. I hear they turn out pretty good." Hemauer’s responsibility to her readers is to show them that time management is very important, and that it’s possible to be very involved without being stressed. She shows that it is possible to be involved with many activities; it’s just about how you handle them. To her family, she plays a role as the youngest child and is used to being watched and protected, but she doesn't complain or anything. It’s funny because even though she is the youngest, she is always the one who is most...
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