Farhenheit 451 Essay

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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Farhenheit 451 Essay

In this passage, Millie finally sees herself for who she really is and that moment of realization her world crumbles down upon her and the rest of the city is demolished by bombs. While this is happening, Montag is traveling down the river attempting to escape the police and the Hound. Bradbury uses multiple metaphors to describe this passage.

Throughout the passage, Bradbury uses a lot of metaphors to describe Millie’s reaction and to describe the scene of the bombing. For example, when he is describing Millie’s reaction to herself after looking in a mirror he writes, “the walls go dark in Millie’s face...”. When Bradbury says, “the walls” I think he saying that basically everything that was important to Mildred was suddenly not important to her anymore as she realizes who she really is. In the book, Millie’s life consisted of her small group of gossip friends and her “family” in the wall, meaning the family of the television show. Another metaphor he uses is, “...because in the million part of time, she saw her own face reflected there, in a mirror instead of a crystal ball...”. When he says this he is saying that instead of viewing herself as perfectly portrayed in a crystal ball, she is finally viewing herself in a mirror, flaws and all, and she finally realizes everything that she has been wrong about.

In the second paragraph of this passage, Bradbury is describing the city being destroyed by a sudden attack of bombs. Bradbury writes, “He blinked once. And in that instant saw the city, instead of the bombs, in the air.” As the bombs fell down upon the city, in a moment of time, the city and the bombs displaced each other.
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