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Narrative Design of Fargo
The movie Fargo is a film directed and produced by brothers Ethan Coen and Joel Coen in 1996. The brothers have a unique style and are good at picking actors/actress to play in the film. This film made viewers feel that they were actually in Minnesota. The Characters are very calm and easy going with low tone voices. Fargo is a true story that the brothers want you to believe but it is not really a true story. When analyzing this film there are many things to take into consideration; including but not limiting to, theme of the film, character relationships, film structure, director's style, as well as others. Fargo is a film that shows a unique attitude of the people in the Midwest, who are not commonly faced with violent crimes. The movie is based on three violent murders investigated by a small police department in Minnesota.

The first part of the movie makes people think that the movie is about drama and suspense. Jerry Lundegaard’s plan is to swindle and extort the funds out of his wealthy, businessman father-in-law, because the overwrought Jerry is purportedly in financial trouble and needs cash fast, but he doesn't articulate or elaborate why. In reality, he expresses his rebellion and rage against his father-in-law by his ill-conceived plan to steal from him. One of the themes in Fargo is that Jerry Lundegaard’s is setting up a plan to get his wife kidnapped by two men named Carl and Gaear. Jerry was going to have his father-in-law pay off the debt of money to the kidnappers. The father-in-law was a very wealthy executive man. While Jerry’s wife gets kidnapped the two kidnappers commit three crimes as well. The first one was they got pulled over and they shot the cop. The second crime was that two innocent people drove by the scene and saw the cop dead and Gaear realized what they were seeing and he ended up chasing after them and shot them.

Jerry comes home from work with groceries and act like nothing is wrong he is...
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