Farewell to Manzanar

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Farewell to Manzanar

Jeanne Wakatsuki was a seven year old girl who survived The Bombing of Pearl Harbor. She was a normal young girl. She liked to watch the boats dock and go to school. However, one thing was missing in her life: her identity. She was a Japanese girl who didn’t embrace her culture. After 7 years of a normal life, Jeanne was forced to move to a Japanese ghetto on Terminal Island in Hawaii. She felt so out of place from what I could tell, and didn’t fit in because, again, she didn’t understand who she was. In this essay I will be explaining her journey to finding who she was.

The main issue for Jeanne was not knowing who she was and understanding her ethnicity. It was very hard for her when she was moved to the ghetto because she was surrounded by her own people and did not fit in because was exposed to American life more than Japanese life. The sad thing was she only had one little thing in common with them, which was eating rice and mandarin oranges. That one little food was all she had to connect her with her own ethnicity. It took her 10 years, leaving her home, and bad living conditions to really find who she was and to embrace her ethnicity. It was not an easy journey because she had been treated terribly.

In the end she gets out of the camp and does find who she is. It may have been hard but it was worth it. Jeanne was a Japanese-American girl. She was different, sweet, smart and kind. She started thinking of her ancestry and that eventually made her a friend. Again this life was hard but she did find her true identity and she finally understood her culture

She grew up to go to college and be the first of her family to graduate. She found her face became a problem because people would make prejudice remarks. She wrote this book and had a family of a non- Japanese husband and three kids. She later went and visited Manzanar.

I thought this book was a great way to start out the school year because as teens we don’t...
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