Farewell to Arms and Wwi Propaganda

Topics: World War I, Ernest Hemingway, World War II Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: October 1, 2012
World War I, like any other war, was filled with bloodshed and tears. Earnest Hemingway uses

this realistic portrayal of the 1st great war in his novel “Farewell to Arms”. The book explores the life of

an ambulance driver, lieutenant Henry, and all of the struggles he goes through in the war both

physically and emotionally. A much different look into the war comes from the propaganda techniques that the United Stated used during this time. Although the propaganda seen during World War I was not realistic in terms of what was going on over seas, it served greater importance, to aid the war effort so that the American citizens were in support of it both financially and emotionally. Earnest Hemingway used a realistic first person depiction of all the hardships soldiers and servicemen went through, where as the propaganda were portraying the war in a positive way so that they could “sell” the war to the American people.

Earnest Hemingway, though this is a fictional story, realistically depicts what it was like to be actively apart of World War I. This story follows lieutenant Henry who suffered from this war in more ways than one. One way in which Lieutenant Henry suffers is through injury. He suffers from an artillery explosion leaving his knee severely injured and bits of shrapnel all over his body and head. Millions of injuries like this happened in World War I and there are millions more who died from all kinds of injuries and illnesses. Throughout Chapter 5 of “Discovering The American Past” There are many songs and posters advertising the war but not one of them show or explain a single American death. There were around 116,000 American deaths in World War I yet the propaganda at the time did not mention many of them, if any. Earnest Hemingway's book mentions plenty of deaths, whether the main character Lieutenant Henry had heard about the death of someone he knew or he actually witnessed someone dying, like his friend Passini when their trench...
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