Farenhight 451

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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A new ending to Farenhightt .451: Montag will find the truth

The mornings where Montag would wake up to a fire alarm and went straight to work, to set aflame books that contained wonderful literature works. Montag and his crews job was to set fire to the books, and burn them. Montag inquires an incident where he burns a lady with the books and that changed his life forever. Montag went on talking to Granger and his fellow mates, “I think we should go back to see what has happened to the others in the city.” “Are you crazy? The first thing we need now is to go back there and get pulverized by those damn mechanical hounds. Have you seen their needles?” “They lurk around to find you and when they do, there is no sign of escape. They have those needles that will just shoot right to the ground, like a sniper rifle.” “Then you tell me, what should we do?” “Just sit here and jabber all this nonsense talk or to get up and do something!” “Shhh… I hear something.” Out of the deep dark woods some figure appears, Granger looks to see who it is and it is Faber. “You guys out here alone?” Montag thinks to himself not knowing what was going on at the time, he thought to himself, “how did Faber get here” and then it struck him. After Montag took dirty clothes and a bottle of gin from him, some shadow was following Montag and not knowing who it was, he kept on running as fast as he could. But that shadow was Faber. He left the house and I followed him down the stream, and into the woods escaping the horror of the atomic bomb. “Montag….Montag!!!!!” Faber screamed.

I followed you here to tell you that Clarisse still lives, and is not dead. “Wow”, said Montag, “after I ran all the way here, you follow me just to tell me that?” “You coward, you could never live alone all by yourself in that horrible rundown city, could you? Though I still think you are brave because you helped me understand the books that were banned from society. And I will remember you for...
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