Farenheit 451

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Dystopia, Ray Bradbury Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: February 21, 2012
In his novel, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses different forms of tone, figurative language, syntax, and diction to give a description of what the world would be like if books were illegal to own. Bradbury wanted to illustrate through his novel how awful it would be to live in a world controlled by censorship and illegality of books.

Bradbury’s tone in his novel is an eerily gloomy. He uses this tone to emphasize the dystopia of a world without books and education. A dystopia is the opposite of a utopia, a place where the education of children is not of importance and suicides are a common occurrence. A place like the one described in Fahrenheit 451 would be a dreadful place to live. Bradbury wrote this novel as a warning to future generations to what could happen if the public gives up on books like the public in Fahrenheit 451. The protagonist Guy Montag is a fireman an occupation that requires him to burn books found the people’s homes. When Montag burns a woman alive who would not leave her books, he undergoes a transformation to an enlightened man who understands the importance of books.

Bradbury uses figurative language to paint a picture of a world ignorant of knowledge. Bradbury uses imagery and multiple symbols to connect the world he has created in his novel to the reader for the reader might believe this world could go from science fiction to the real world. Two huge symbols in Fahrenheit 451 are fire and water. Unlike fire in other novels, Bradbury uses fire as a cleaning tool that rids people of things that make them unhappy. “Fire is bright and fire is clean” (Bradbury 60) by using fire not only rids a person there problem the problem in the firemen’s eyes will not return “You always said, don’t face a problem, burn it” (Bradbury 123). Also when Montag sets his own house ablaze due to the books he had hidden there he is inadvertently ending his old life as a fireman and starting anew aware of the power of a book. Water is also a prominent...
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