Farenheit 451

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  • Published : May 2, 2014
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Madeline Richard
Mrs. Fruchey
English 11B
11 January 2013
In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury shares his message of the importance of books to society. The main character, Guy Montag, discovers his discontentment in life by reading books and realizing what he is missing in life. Montag is able to conquer his moral dilemmas: he is trained to do a job he begins to feel conflicting morals about. Bradbury evokes many different deep sentiments, such as ambivalence, apathy, and empathy. Montag’s turmoil and inner conflict about what is right for him and society is one that resonates with many readers. Ray Bradbury communicates that should society decide to burn and banish books, society would be on a downward spiral emotionally and spiritually. What would society be with out a strong spirit? Throughout the book, Bradbury shows the influence of books through the dissatisfaction in the characters. Mildred, Guy Montag’s wife, clearly shows dissatisfaction through her actions by continually wearing her wireless headphones and constantly talking with her “family” in the parlor. This causes her to be distracted even from her own discontent. During a casual conversation Montag brings up the previous night and mentions that she had overdosed and she responds with an irritable voice saying “Heck, what would I do a silly thing like that for?” (Bradbury, 19). This shows her dissatisfaction, and how hidden it is even from her own eyes. She can no longer fix her own dissatisfaction because it is hidden under her surface. She does not recognize it, she unknowingly keeps her self distracted with the use of “toys” she has. Instead of looking to books for wisdom and understanding.

Bradbury uses Montag to show how to apply wisdom that we already have through books. Montag continues to struggle with the ability to stand up for what they believe. Montag contains the wisdom needed, but does not understand how to apply it correctly (Bradbury, 78-79). Montag shows his growing...
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