Farenheit 451

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Censorship causes a loss of societal growth, individual thought and personal happiness. By Brandon Markwick
The length the government goes through to keep censorship on this city/world is far too much. The entertainment is limited, and what they want you to see, nothing more. The schools and workplaces are strict and allow no personal thought or ideas. And if you jeopardise any of their laws or thinking processes than you are considered an outlaw and are eliminated as soon as possible. The censorship in Fahrenheit 451 forces the people to have to watch their TV. for pretty much your only source of entertainment, other than their radio. No books are allowed in this world, of any kind. Comic books, novels, graphic novels, newspapers, so on and so forth, are no longer in, or allowed in this society. The only form of music is the cities radio, no iPod’s, mp3’s, or really any other music playing devices, and not to many people like to listen to the news, or weather forecasts. Most people have their own taste in music and would prefer really anything else, but you don’t get that choice here. The TVs in this world are pretty advanced though. They are complete walls in your house, so an entire room could be your TV set. But seeing how this is one of the only forms of entertainment, its 3D, as well as interactive. Certain times of the week there are skits on TV that interact with the home audience, as if you were a regular character on the show. This may seem to be like something you may want, but in my opinion, why would you want to have this/these TVs replacing family/friends? I mean that seems odd and far off. But when your everyday like consists of going to your workplace or school, learning/working, without really talking to anybody around you, and then going straight home to that TV that’s waiting for you, you may start to feel as if it’s a friend or family member. If people start secluding themselves in their homes and have no need to learn more than what their...
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