Far Audience Profile

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Audience Profile

My primary audience is the professor. Another audience that will read this will be my classmates, incoming students, and potential transfer students who take course Enl 265. My relationship to the audience is professional. They are either the professor or my peer. The specific purpose of my document is to inform my peers and others of the problems going on in Rite Aid Company. To instruct what Rite Aid should do to fix those problems, and to persuade them to let me write a Far for their company. The document will be used to solve the problems that I discovered that Rite Aid is facing using research and scholarly information found to solve the problem. The audience may know some information about the topic because maybe they were customers, or employers of the company. They might of herd things in the news or researched it if they were interested. When writing my Far I will inform the audience with background information of Rite Aid, of their problems, and how to fix them. Some questions that readers may have would be what is the company about? Why did I choose this company? What are the problems they are facing? What are the solutions for these problems? Where did you find out all of this information?

The audience should not have any misconceptions or objections towards the topic because this is not a controversial topic. They may have objections on how I decided to solve the problems that Rite Aid faces. Also they may not believe that Walgreen and Cvs are doing better that Rite Aid but, those are just opinions which I can solve with facts that I acquire from scholarly information. The audience should be opening minded towards me as the writer. They should feel this way because they are only looking at the ideas that I am proposing and giving me helpful advice. Unless they audience does not agree with my ideas they should be receptive to them. The people that will be most affected by this document would be people of the company. Also the...
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