Faq on Kbsr and Kssr

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  • Published: April 6, 2013
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1. What is the content of the KBSR?
2. What are the types of pedagogy and assessment in KBSR? 3. How the communication elements took part in the KBSR syllabus? 4. What is the content that is emphasized in KSSR?
5. What are the new variation method and assessment do you apply in KSSR? 6. In what way the KSSR syllabus give effectiveness to the teachers and students? 7. What are the responses from the students regarding the KSSR syllabus? 8. How about the students’ progress and achievements towards implementing the KSSR syllabus? 9. In what way the workload differs from KBSR and KSSR?

10. In your point of view, which syllabus is more effective and which one did you prefer that suits you and why it is so?


Teacher 1:

The KBSR system focuses on the all the core subjects, with a systematic syllabus and proper periodical chapters. However, that does not mean that the other subjects are neglected. This system also touches on the students’ thinking skills and knowledge acquisition. In a sense, the teachers will teach the pupils on these crucial subjects that they will face in the university, as well as shaping them to be a better person. (1)

To simply put, the KBSR system works the same way as the teacher-centered learning. The curriculum begins by going through an overview of the subject. Then the teacher will teach them chapter by chapter. In this system, teachers give knowledge and the students receive it. It is a one-way communication. Students will improve themselves by repetitive exercises. From time to time, the students be given monthly tests, and there is a mid-year exam and the final exam in the end of the year to help evaluate and assess the students.(2)

In the KBSR system, the elements that took part are the elements of analytical and creative thinking skills. These elements can be implemented in the activities conducted by the teachers. As the students progress in the subject, the teachers will give them...
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