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Topics: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck, Titania Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Fantasy in Theatre

In preperation for our performance on the above subject, we firstly listened to several pieces of fantasy music as a guided visualisation in which we were asked to imagine going through different doors and to visualise what was behind them. This then inspired us to experiment with diferent stylistic devices to include in our performance.

We were given two pieces of text that was goin to be the scope for our piece of Drama, they were:

A Midsummer Night's Dream - A play by William Shakespeare. Era wise, there were no problems with using this, as Shakespeare is timeless and can be set in any period of history, including modern day. This particular play is set in the dream like world of fairies. The Lord of the fairies, Oberon, has an argument with his lover, Titiania, over a young boy she has adopted after the death of her waiting woman. Oberon wants her to hand over the child to him, Titania refuses. Oberon decides to send Puck to fetch a magic flower, the juice of which, dropped into Titanias' eyes will make her fall in love with the first thing she sees in order to trick her. He hopes that this will distract her so he can take the boy.

The Jabberwocky - This is a poem written by Lewis Carroll (from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872) It tells of the defeat of a mythical monster. By reading the text, we can see that it doesn't really make much sense, but we can make some sense of the words by their sounds.

In our group, we started discussing our ideas then looked at the two texts and fitted our ideas around them.

In our performance, we decided to have good and evil involved, we had 2 dream masters and 4 other people. 2 of which were taken by the evil dream master who gave them nightmares, the other 2 were taken by the good dream master who fulfilled their fantasies. The 4 characters had there own dream, one wanted everything they asked for, another wanted to be an Indian,...
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