Fantasy Stories and Films Merely Serve as a Means of Escapism. Do You Agree?

Topics: Fantasy, Warner Bros., Fairy tale Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: May 29, 2013
T: Arts (literary/media)
K: Fantasy stories & films; merely; escapism
Introduction: Imagine getting whisked away into Neverland where you never have to grow up. Or envision getting transported into an extraordinary land called Pandora where you fly with pointy-eared archers who live in harmony with nature on Mountain Banshees. Indeed, fantasy stories and films have the power to transport anyone who wishes to believe into fantastic realms. Through these stories and films emanating mysterious qualities and awe that is fantasy, the door to escapism is opened. Escapism in this sense refers to a negative connotation where humans escape from the unpleasant human world into the world of fantasy. Due to many people criticizing these stories and films just being of a fantastic nature, they often reject them as merely “escapist”- a term generally associated with works of art that one is not supposed to take seriously. However, personally, I do not feel that they only serve as a means of escapism. Fantasy stories and fantasy films are popularly sought after for other purposes too. P: Most of the times, fantasy stories and films are considered escapist as they transport readers and viewers to impossible worlds and provide unrealistic but comforting (in terms of relief) solutions to problems. E: They become sources of immediate escape from reality as in the fantasy world, the evil is defeated by the good by impractical means and solutions. For the audience, this brings in a sense of temporary comfort and relief as their inner wish of overcoming obstacles in reality is fulfilled at the fantastic level. Eg: With its magic, fantastical beings and clear-cut delineations of good and evil, The Lord of the Rings presents a compelling fantasy mirrored to some extent in the Harry Potter films. Both rely on a mystical destiny and grace and feature a reluctant and somewhat...
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