Fantasy Sports and Mathematics

Topics: Mathematics, Education, Mathematics education Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Fantasy sports are no longer just looked at as games with no real point, which sports fans play in order to have fun, stay up to date with sports in general, and feel as though they are managing a professional sports team. Recently, fantasy sports have been looked at in an academic perspective and it has started to be applied to kid’s mathematics education. Since it started being used, it has helped to improve mathematics test scores that have remained stagnant across the nation for the past six years. This improvement can be credited to fantasy sports allowing students to learn and understand mathematics in an easier and more enjoyable way that motivates them to want do their work. Fantasy sports do not just benefit students academically, but it also helps them to develop their social lives.

The U.S. Department of Education had a study which showed that mathematical scores of fifteen year olds all around the United States have remained around the same level since 2003. Some people believed that fantasy sports could help kids better understand mathematics and start increasing children’s mathematical scores. Flockhart said, “Sixty-nine percent of eighth-grade students in America are not proficient in math. I believe fantasy sports can play a significant role in eliminating math illiteracy in our country.” Results have shown that Flockhart and those that agreed with were and are still correct to this day.

Fantasy sports have been proven that they can be used to help teach children. It has been proven to be more affective because the children look forward to doing their math homework every day. In turn, this has caused many of their math scores to rise. Kim Beason, who is an associate professor of park and recreation management at UM, worked with Dan Flockhart, a former California middle school teacher who has written a series of mathematics textbooks, to begin looking at the impact of using fantasy sports in mathematics education. Their national...
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