Fantasy Interpretation

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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What is fantasy and how is it seen upon?
I choose to focus my interpretation about fantasy on text B-C-F In text B’s – Carol Rockwood, a headmistress – point of view, fantasy is to worship the sheer evil. She especially focuses on J.K. Rowling’s books about Harry Potter. In general she is convinced that witches, demons and devils are real and pose the same threat as child molesters. Up to a point that is probably correct, hell, they might be even bigger threats! The writer of this text can just imagine the newspapers front-page “Los Angeles in flames, the dragons attacked again in larger numbers than ever seen before”. It may be difficult to follow, but in the case that we lived under such circumstances, why not learn about it? We hear about child molesters so often, but we may not read about dragons and “supernatural beings”. She went so far that she banned the Harry Potter series – the book about how you defeat such beings! – What is the meaning in that? Afterwards she is supported by a Mark Stibble. He claims that Potter and his friends are immoral and encourage cheating, stealing, lying and other illegal actions. All of it is true, they encourage anti-authoritarian behavior and to break the rules! On the other hand, the writer of this text does not think he has ever been in the ghetto, and asked how many which have read Harry Potter. Not a single one of those people the writer of this text know, that have been or are in some bad situations, have read Harry Potter, they simply do not like to read or have hardly ever read any “real” books. They would never begin on a 4000-paged series, not even think of it. To be convinced that the fantasy community is “evil” because of Harry Potter seems a bit exaggerated. On the third hand we got text C calling fantasy escapism. That seems more convincing, though, as the texts point out, what are you escaping from, and where to? In some people’s opinion, fantasy is escapism (those are usually not the people who...
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