Fantasy Football

Topics: Playoffs, Conscription in the United States, Playoff format Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: January 14, 2013
The Constitution (Of Fantasy Football)

Draft (Article 1)
* For everyone that doesn’t know, no black people (niggers) are allowed in the league. * Everyone must be present for the draft on time, or a Kicker will be picked for you in all of the rounds that you are not here. * Your draft pick must be picked between 1-2 minutes, or a kicker will be chosen. * Before entering the draft lair (Ryan’s basement), you must pay the league fee. Including money for the league and food. (TBA) * Just want to reiterate it, no niggers.

* We do a snake draft; random “pulling out of the hat” chooses pick position. * If you pick the same player twice, you get laughed at and spit on. (Loogies) * We will be implementing a draft board sed year, so pay attention… * All rule changes will be voted on at the draft. Proposed rule changes must not be gay, or include niggers. Majority Rules style. * Only NFL players can be drafted…. LOLZ

* We will make a “draft playlist” with everyone picking a couple of songs that they can play while drafting (to get in the zone).

Regular Season (Article 2)
* Make sure to set an eligible line up each week (all spots must be filled), or we will spit on you. And your nickname for the week will be nigger. * No intentional losses. If you are suspected of it, the rest of the league will vote on it, and if you are found guilty, both players will receive a loss, and get spat on by everyone. * Collusion, if two teams are found to be working together, or one person intentionally loses a game, you will lose playoff eligibility. * No Buys still, that’s a given.

* Must post at least once on the message board a week, mandatory.

Trading (Article 3)
* No trade backs, if you trade a player to somebody, you can’t receive that player back in a trade for at least 3 weeks. * If you get trade raped, it is your fault, and nothing will be done for you. * If you intentionally do a bad trade, and it is...
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