Fantastik Cleaners

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Executive Summary
Fantastik is an all-purpose cleaner made by SC Johnson that has two main product lines; the Fantastik Original and the new, more powerful, Fantastik Evergreen. These are not just regular chemically made cleaning products but are 100% environmentally safe. Fantastik is currently the market leader with 37.9% and has an extremely loyal consumer base following the SC Johnson brand but they are currently losing market share due to a lack of positioning by the company. One main advantage Fantastik holds is there is a current trend for consumers being more green conscious which makes the product more attractive. This is why communicating Fantastik’s position “Clean Green” message must be done effectively. There are three main segments Fantastik needs to focus on who we have named ‘The Family Mom’, ‘The Clueless’, and ‘The Old Reliable’. We feel we are able to aim at all three segments because they are extremely similar and interrelated but all of them require different promotional plans. The main competitor for Fantastik is Lysol with a 17.2% market share but the closest direct competitor is Vim. There are many well established competitors in the market but none of them have Fantastik’s competitive advantage on being environmentally friendly. The product may not be superior to chemically based cleaners but Fantastik will stay competitive by communicating their idea ‘Clean More, With Less’. The new selling prices will be $2.99 for the Fantastik Original and $4.60 for, the stronger version, Fantastik Evergreen. Effective corporate brand advertisements will be implemented by SC Johnson to hit all three of the target segments. Fantastik will also continue to sell its products to retailers and will continue to build stronger relationships by giving retailer higher margins in exchange for better in-store promotions. Fantastik expects to achieve profits between $577,915 and $778,928 in 2007. Recommendation

Our recommendation is to implement a differentiation strategy in order to capture more market share in the cleaning product industry. Our strategy includes marketing a newly developed, more powerful cleaner with a new positioning statement of “Clean Green” to showcase Fantastik’s and SC Johnson’s environmental responsibility. Fantastik will not leave behind the product that has brought them such success and that is why they will continue to promote the ‘Fantastik Original’ alongside with the new product; ‘Fantastik Evergreen’. These products will be promoted and priced differently to attract their respective segments. We chose this strategy because our three target segments (which will be discussed in further detail) are all different, but they hold enough similarity that they will all benefit from our product. Stakeholders| Stakeholder analysis |

James Dunbar| As the brand manager, Dunbar’s reputation is on the line. If Dunbar does not develop a strong brand strategy for Fantastik by November, he fired.| SC Johnson company| Fantastik needs to uphold SC Johnson’s core values of environmental policies. Fantastik has to be congruent with SC Johnson’s ‘growing greener’ products| Our retailers| We want to supply our retailers with products that yield high enough margins for the stores to want to promote the Fantastik brand. We have to continue to build stronger interrelationships with our retailers for both companies to continue to benefit from higher profits| Table 1

Decision Criteria|
* Continue to have strong commitments to the community and have social responsibility * Keeping environmental care a priority * Achieve higher profits ($577,915 to $778,928) figure 5 * Market share of 40% * Uphold the SC Johnson brand / Fantastik brand * Strengthening the relationships with retailers| Table 2

Problems/ Opportunity
Fantastik’s main problem is their lack of positioning for their products. Many of their competitors are either positioned as a low cost cleaner or as a more expensive,...
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