Fantastic Voyage 1

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Running Head: Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage #1

Deanne Wagner

HS130, Section 39COBL

Unit #4 Assignment

Hang on to your seats as we go on a wondrous adventure through the human body. We are going to start at the right femoral vein and continue on our journey until we exit through the nose. Hope everyone is ready for this fun filled adventure to learn what is located in the body where we are going to journey through. So here we go we start by entering the path of the right femoral vein up to the external iliac then on to the common iliac. Then on into the lung and here are the structures we see in the lung are as follows: Right inferior lobe oblique fissure, right middle lobe, horizontal fissure, right superior lobe, and the right primary bronchus. Just a few fun facts about the lung! The lungs are fairly large organs. The narrow, superior position of each lung, up under the collarbone, is the apex; the board, inferior portion resting on the diaphragm is the base. The trachea is an airway that branches to form an inverted tree of bronchi and bronchioles. Note that the right lung has three lobes and the left lung has two lobes. The lungs perform two functions air distribution and gas exchange. Each lung is divided into lobes by fissures. The left lung is partially divided into two lobes (superior and inferior) and the right lung into three lobes (superior, middle, and inferior). It is kind of interesting to know that the right lung is a little different from the left lung, some facts that are new to me. Now to explain how the body combats the invading bacterium in the body, first of all the white blood cells attack anything foreign to the body. Next the white blood cells; surround the invader then attacks it at rapid speed trying to kill the bacteria that is in the body. The body best heals itself when it is asleep. The non-specific immunity is the white blood cells are innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Wow! this is some amazing things we are...
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