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The Impact of Fantasy Sports on Television

Tyler Slater

Fantasy Sports and Video Gaming

Professor Dexter

13 January 2011

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One of the largest impacts on professional sports today could be considered Fantasy Sports game play. Fantasy Sports is not just considered a game played for people’s enjoyment, but it actually helps greatly on these sports teams. By getting people and fans to participate in Fantasy Sports, it gets more people watching certain games that they would never have cared to watch before. They choose to watch these games because they want to make sure that their fantasy player scores points for them in their league. Back in the day, before fantasy sports came about, many people were only interested in their favorite team and didn’t even bother to watch other teams play, but today they are interested in al sorts of different teams and players because of Fantasy.

Fantasy Sports (also known as rotisserie or roto) is a game where fantasy owners build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by individual players or teams of a sport”(Roto Sports). According to the article, “About Fantasy Sports,” fantasy sports has generated a total market of $4.48 billion dollars. This number is huge, considering that Fantasy Sports play is relatively, and to be able to already have made over $4 billion dollars in incredible! It is so popular is the United States and Canada, that 29.9 million people aged 12 and over have participated in Fantasy Sports. There are so many people that love to play Fantasy Sports and do it for their personal enjoyment; meanwhile it is creating huge amounts of revenues for these sports teams. Another fact in this Roto Sports article is that consumers spend over $800 million dollars directly on the fantasy sport products themselves, not even including the intangible items associated with Fantasy play. There is over 3 billion dollars spent on the media products such as Direct T.V, Time Warner cable, Sports packages, NFL Sunday Ticket, and all other kinds of programs dedicated to coverage of Sports teams. So

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much money is spent on these media products because there are more fans of other teams today because of Fantasy Sports and these people are interested in watching all sorts of sports games.
The largest Fantast Sport played is Fantasy NFL Football. Fantasy football contributes to the majority of the revenue of all Fantasy sports. NFL today is becoming more and more popular and has surpassed every other sport out there today. In one article I found, entitled “NFL thriving on TV; Fantasy Says you’re Welcome,” which is pretty self explanatory in the title itself. “According to a weekend feature from the Los Angeles Times, 2010 is shaping up to deliver the best TV ratings in the league’s history, and the NFL can address thank-you cards to fantasy folks”(Fantasy Sports Business). Fantasy Football is credited to giving the NFL their best ratings yet, and have increased the number of TV viewers dramatically. Ever since Fantasy football has begun, it has said that the average NFL fan in TV viewing has tripled. NFL television viewership is increasing more and more each year and is bringing in more and more money for the sports industry.

However, this huge increase in Television viewership for the NFL has also had a somewhat of a negative impact on the NFL. Even though that Fantasy football has gained millions or even billions of dollars and increased TV viewership, but sometimes this increase in TV viewing is not always a good thing. Because the TV ratings have gone up so much, mainly because of Fantasy, that means that more and more people would rather stay in and watch it on TV rather than attend the games. Another article I read was, “Attendance at NFL games decrease, while TV Viewership Increases,” which talks about the reasons why people are staying home instead of attending. A lot of fans...
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