Fannin County High School: Service Learning

Topics: High school, Performing arts, Education Pages: 4 (1198 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Chasity Long
Psychology 320
Service Learning Paper

The site I chose to volunteer at was Fannin County High School. I helped with the high school drama department. It was a great way to work with students ranging from ages 14-18. I am a physical education major and have a desire to work with children in all realms of physical activity including sports, theater, and dance. The Fannin County drama program teaches adolescents activities in theater and dance as an elective and requires some after school participation. While providing an academic requirement it also challenges students to learn and express their talents in many different roles of the performing arts. Each class works on a group production while learning the academics of theater and dance. The school has provided a performing arts center that combines the drama department with the high school music department enabling the band and theater classes to work together. The classes include theater, choir, and color guard students. The facility is fairly new and provides a realistic experience of a professional theater and all the many positions and jobs a theater entails. The students can not only participate on stage but can learn the roles off and back stage of the theater. The addition of the performing arts center has brought tremendous interests to the drama program. More than ever before, high school students in this small town are now taking part in and discovering possibly a hidden talent. Tremendous opportunities have opened up for these high school students because of the hard work of their teachers and the addition of such a resourceful facility. By broadening the academic paths and choices, some students have found an activity or program to be a part of that otherwise might not have had a chance to in high school. The drama department puts together several different productions each semester that are performed for the whole school, publically to the community, and in...
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