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Florida A&M University
School of Business & Industry


Online MAN 5835 – 301
Fall 2011 Online MBA
Systems Theory and Design
Dr. Tiki Suarez‐Brown

September 21, 2011

Assignment #1
Describe your university as a system. What is the input? The output? The boundaries? The components? Their interrelationships? The constraints? The purpose? The interfaces? The environment? Draw a diagram of this system. Remember to discuss the definition of a system itself. Prepared By

Tia Murphy

A system is an interrelated set of business procedures used within one business unit working together for a purpose. A system has nine characteristics which are components, interrelated components, boundaries, purpose, environment, interfaces, inputs, outputs and constraints.

Looking at Florida A & M university as a system it’s purpose is to provide students with a quality education as they work to achieve a degree in their field choice of study. The input and output of this system are the students. The input is the student who enters the college with the intention on finishing and obtaining a degree in their choice of study. The output would be again the student but after having completed their degree curriculum they would have graduated and earned their degree.

The components that make up this system are the several different offices and departments a student must interact with during the time they are enrolled at the school. The components are the office of admissions, the office of financial aid, the registrars office, and the various departments in which students take courses from. The office of admission is the first office a student would interact with to be granted acceptance into the school. The office of financial aid is the next component a student would interact with. This component is responsible for assisting the student to ensure they have meet the requirements to receive aid available to them. The component of the registrars...
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