Famous Tuareg Symbol

Topics: Tuareg, Marriage, Eid ul-Fitr Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: December 11, 2011

* They were once nomads throughout the Sahara.
* The Tuareg today are found mostly in North Africa and West Africa. * Total population: 5.2 million
*  Niger: 1,720,000 (1998)
*  Mali: 1,440,000 (1991)

* The language of the Tuareg is called Tamaschek.
* Religion:Islam
* They call themselves  Kel Tamasheq/Kel Tamajaq, Kel Tagelmust or Imuhaq/Imuscha. * The most legendary of Tuareg leaders was Tin Hinan
* Other confederation leaders followed under the title of Amenokal (Chief) * The most famous Tuareg symbol is the Tagelmust
* The men's facial covering is used as a protection from the harsh desert sands. * Other clothes:
* alasho: blue indigo veil - women and men
* bukar: black cotton turban - men
* tasuwart: women's veil
* takatkat: shirt - women and men
* takarbast: short shirt - women and men
* akarbey: pants worn by men
* afetek: loose shirt worn by women
* afer: women's pagne
* tari: large black pagne for winter season
* bernuz: long woolen cloth for winter
* akhebay: loose bright green or blue cloth for women
* ighateman: shoes
* iragazan: red leather sandals
* ibuzagan: leather shoes
* Marriage is considered a private institution. Other people are not to interfere with a couple's marriage. The only tradition they know is a 'quarantine' period after one's spouse's death. During this period, the widow is supposed to make something whereby her husband may be remembered. She is not to see any other men. Men usually have to cleanse themselves physically and mentally after the death of a wife. There was not commonly punishment for women or men who were unfaithful. * Tuareg are not supposed to have more than one life partner: a love affair is practically equal to an engagement, and once a couple is recognized, the two people are supposed to get married. It is highly unusual for anyone to remain single. When a partner passes away,...
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